Frequently Asked Questions

Why the weight per m2 of TEXSILK is lower than other comparable outdoor fabrics?

TEXSILK is made with one of the lightest materials available (TEXSILK floats on water!) so we need less material to make 1 m2 of fabric. This is why TEXSILK has a lighter weight per m2 but offers better properties than existing fabrics.

Which is the minimum quantity?

Minimum quantity is one roll of 50 meters.

How many meters are in one roll?

50 meters.

Which the minimum width of the fabric?

160 cm.

Is TEXSILK waterepellent? Or waterproof?

TEXSILK is waterrepellent thanks to its treatment with TEFLON. Waterepellent means that a small quantity of water will not penetrate the fabric. But when higher amounts of water hit the fabric, some water will go through the fabric.

TEXSILK can be made waterproof as special order and with a higher cost and minimum quantity.

Is transport cost included in the price?

No, TEXSILK is always quoted as exworks our plant near Barcelona, Spain. We will be glad to calculate the transport costs to your location and if you accept them we can arrange transport.

Which are the recommended washing instructions?

TEXSILK can be washed with any chemical, even 100% bleach will not affect the properties or colors.

Can I print on TEXSILK fabrics?

Yes, you can. We recommend low temperature inks like SERICOL Polydyne YD from Fujifilm.

Which are the guarantee terms of TEXSILK?

Texsilk® products offer a 5-year guarantee against fabric becoming unserviceable due to the color or strenght loss in the following conditions:

  1. Texsilk® fabrics must be installed correctly and its maintenance must follow the manufacturer's instructions. Guarantee do not applies if damage is the result of wrong use, perforations, scratches against objects without any related function to that of the fabric, accidents, negligence, vandalism or extreme natural phenomena.
  2. The defect should be reported in writing to ETISILK S.A. within 15 days of occurence. The 5 years timeframe starts counting from the invoice date.
  3. The normal wearing out and color loss, stains by environmental pollution or other sources are not covered by the guarantee.

Texsilk® fabrics are guarantee for a durability of 5 years from the date of sale, within the established standards in normal conditions of exposure and chemical athmospheric pollution.

Whenever the guarantee applies, it is limited to the substitution of the affected fabrics free of charge. Confection, structures, mechanisms and labour are not covered by this guarantee.

Clarifications and remarks concerning colour fastness of Texsilk fabrics

Always keep in mind that the degradation of any outdoor fabric begins from the very first moment it is exposed to the sun, although this degradation is not visible from the very beginning.

The effects of visible discoloration and degradation of physical aspects (strength, etc.) are very immediate in some outdoor fabrics which are not solution dyed and are non-properly treated for outdoor use.

In solution dyed and properly treated fabrics for outdoor usage, as is the case TEXSILK, the gradual discoloration effects are slower (also depending on how the fabric is exposed to the sun, if there are reflections or not, or if the fabric is protected during periods of non-use) and the loss of physical properties of the fabrics by exposure to the sun also takes place gradually up to 5 years (or even more) until the fabric becomes non-usable.

UNE ISO 105-B02: 2001 Method 2 under which the test was performed for color fastness TEXSILK allows for the above described processes. This guarantee is expressed in these terms.

Why TEXSILK is an Eco Friendly fabric?

  • We used less resources to make a better product. TEXSILK is made with one of the lightest materials available (TEXSILK floats on water!) so we need less material to make 1m2 of fabric. This is why TEXSILK has a lighter weight per m2 but offers better properties than existing fabrics.
  • TEXSILK is 100% recyclable. TEXSILK is made from one of the easiest materials to recycle. Once the life of TEXSILK is finished it can be remelted and shaped into new products up 9 times before it is thermically recycled
  • We use no water on the dying process of the yarn. Because of our unique solution dying process, no water is used in this process.
  • We are a 0 waste company. All our waste, rejected fabric, etc is reused in local industries to make new products out of it thanks to its easy recyclability.
  • Most of our raw material is made from natural gas.